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Recycling and disposal techniques for energetic materials

: Krause, H.

Baryakhtar, V.H. ; North Atlantic Treaty Organization -NATO-, Brussels:
Demilitarisation of munitions. Reuse and recycling concepts for conventional munitions and rocket propellants. Proceedings
Dordrecht: Kluwer Academic Publishers Group, 1997 (NATO ASI series. Subseries 1 disarmament technologies)
ISBN: 0-7923-4654-8
Advanced Research Workshop on Demilitarisation of Conventional Munitions and Rocket Propellants and Reuse and Recycling Concepts <1995, Kiev>
Fraunhofer ICT ()

Due to the redn. of armament between the East and West, we were met by new objectives: the disposal of energetic materials. Environmentally compatible disposal methods available for the different energetic materials are highly requested. From the tech. point of view recycling processes are generally available, but the market for recycled explosives is very limited. The possibilities of reprocessing propellants and explosives have to be re-examd. The most advanced disposal technol. is incineration. Rotary kiln as well as fluidized bed installations were successfully tested. The main problem on incineration remains the redn. of pollutant emission below the legal limits. Chem. decompn. of explosive materials followed by biol. degrdn. of the reaction mixt. offers an attractive alternative to incineration processes. The initial chem. step delivers a biodegradable reaction mixt. The combined chem./biol. process was successfully tested with NC based gun propellants. Application tests with oth er explosives are in progress. For toxic and hazardous components of pyrotech. ammunition supercrit. water oxidn. was applied. Esp. chloro org. compds. can be destroyed in an environmental friendly way by SCWO-technol.