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Rechnerunterstützte Gestaltung dedizierter CAD-Werkzeuge

: Armbrust, P.; Bienert, M.; Vosgerau, F.H.

Krause, F.-L.; Ruland, D.; Jansen, H.:
CAD '92. Neue Konzepte zur Realisierung anwendungsorientierter CAD-Systeme. GI-Fachtagung
Berlin: Springer, 1992 (Informatik Aktuell)
ISBN: 3-540-55494-7
CAD <1992, Berlin>
Fraunhofer IPK ()
Computer Aided Design (CAD); toolbox; communication tool; Werkzeug; information management; Informationsmanagement; Kommunikationstool; software engineering; system architecture; system integration; system model; Systemarchitektur; Systemintegration; Systemmodell

The requirements on CAD tools vary with specific needs postulated by users and their tasks, by the type of product to be developed and by company oriented restrictions. The needs postulated can not be met by general purpose CAD systems. This paper outlines a concept for the design and implementation of dedicated CAD tools in order to support the user effectively. Dedicated tools are represented by flexible and adaptable system models and are executed via an interpretation of system states. The execution of a desired functionality accesses specific tools of a CAD toolbox. In addition, the proposed concept comprises a comununication mechanism which enables users of dedicated systems to exchange information.