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Recent development for In-service inspection of reactor pressure vessels in the FRG

: Bohn, H.; Kastl, H.; Barbian, O.A.; Kappes, W.; Stanger, H.-K.

Nuclear Europe (1986), Nr.6, S.7-10
ISSN: 0254-8348
Fraunhofer IZFP ()
ALOK; Kombination ALOK; phased array; US-Prüfung(automatisiert)

The efforts in the Federal Republic of Germany toward highest nuclear power plant operational availability imply still shorter outage times and thus require more rigorous in-service inspection during all the necessary stages. Consequently, higher degrees of inspection equipment automation - proceeding with intensified measures for further demanning and reduction in radiation exposure of inspection personnel - is most important. Especially for reactor pressure vessels (RPV) inspection further shortening of critical path length will be appropriate. Recent developments of a higher automated ultrasonic inspection system composed of an improved large-scale manipulator and new, thoroughly computerized ultrasonic data acquisition, processing, and evaluation equipment will be described here and practice-oriented perform examples given. Although, applicability of this system is emphasized here for pressurized water reactor RPV inspections (baseline and inservice inspections), corresponding adva ntage are expected for examinations of boiling water reactor RPVs and of other primary circuit components - employing deferent manipulator types and using inherent ultrasonic equipment modularity. (IZFP)