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Reactive sound absorber for air duct - detects vibration of membrane forming part of wall of air duct to control electroacoustic transducer providing movement of membrane for damping of sound waves.
: Krueger, J.; Leistner, P.; Fuchs, H.V.; Lippold, R.

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DE 1996-19619466 A: 19960514
EP 1997-923077 AW: 19970514
WO 1997-EP2471 A: 19970514
EP 898774 B1: 20010801
EP 898774 B1: 20010801
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The sound absorber has a sensor (5), such as a microphone, for detecting the sound intensity in the air duct. This is positioned adjacent to the surface of a vibratory membrane (3), forming a part of the wall (1) of the air duct, for detecting the membrane vibration. The signal from the sensor is fed to an amplifier (6), which is coupled on the output side to an electroacoustic transducer (7) within a cavity sealed by the membrane, to produce a controlled vibration of the membrane, and achieve active damping of the sound waves. ADVANTAGE - Provides direct damping of detected sound waves with protection of electroacoustic components from physical and chemical damage.