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Rational approach for evaluating the number of automated guided vehicles

: Schmidt, Frank

5th International Conference on Automated Guided Vehicle Systems '87. Proceedings
International Conference on Automated Guided Vehicle Systems <5, 1987, Tokyo>
Fraunhofer IML ()
AGVS; Automated Guided Vehicle System; disposition; fahrerloses Transportsystem; FTS; simulation; Systemplanung

Investments and succeeding operational costs of AGV-systems are substantially determined by the number of vehicles applied. The prediction of the number of vehicles needed already happens at an early stage of the systems planning, i.e. during the selection of the hall structure which gives sources and skins combined with the determination of the tracking topology. This report presents connections and influencing values concerning the number of vehicles needed. The development and insurance of simple design formulae was carried out with the help of practice-proved simulation instruments.