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Rare earth ions in LPE III-V semiconductors

: Müller, H.D.; Körber, W.; Weber, J.; Hangleiter, A.; Benz, K.W.; Ennen, H.

Journal of Crystal Growth (1986), Nr.79, S.741-744 : Abb.,Lit.
ISSN: 0022-0248
Fraunhofer IAF ()
Elektrolumineszenz; Flüssigphasenepitaxie; Photolumineszenz; Seltene Erden; Ytterbium

InP:Yb LPE layers have been grown by a supercooling process at high growth temperatures up to 800 degrees C. The Yb concentrations in the In growth melts ranged between 0.001 and 0.005 mole fraction. Photoluminescence and Hall measurements gave information about the incorporation behaviour of the rare earth ion Yb3+ (4fE13) and about its influence on the electrical properties of InP. Time resolved photoluminescence measurements at low temperatures indicated a lifetime of about 12 mys of the excited Yb3+ state. LPE grown InP:Yb p-n electroluminescence diodes were fabricated, which emit the intracentre Yb luminescence at 1 mym wavelength. High purity InP layers could be grown, using Yb in low concentrations to remove residual impurities from the growth melts. Net carrier concentrations N sub D-N sub A of 2x10E14 cm-3 at 300 K (1.5x10E14 cm-3 at 77 K) and carrier mobilities of 5700 square-cm/V.s at 300 K (90,000 square-cm/V.s at 77 K) could be achieved. (IAF)