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Rapid Prototyping für schnelle Prozeßketten - Arbeitsschwerpunkte und Kooperationsangebote des Rapid Prototyping-Centers des IFQ-Magdeburg

: Meyer, R.; Kühnle, H.; Lierath, F.

1. Internationaler Rapid Prototyping Workshop '95. Proceedings
Rapid Prototyping Workshop <1, 1995, Magdeburg>
Fraunhofer IFF ()
rapid manufacturing; Rapid Prototyping; stereolithography

The up to now proved advantages of the Rapid Prototyping technology give the reasons for the strategy of the RP-Center of the IFQ Magdeburg. Point of departure for the efficient use of this new technology offers a holistic, process chains oriented view, which the demand the tuning of intern and extern influences as soon as factors of effects. At the sight of exist characteristic divergence's between the target and the available quality is tested the possibilities, this target oriented to modify. The tests, which we made on this area, show the principle interventions of the strive for improvements of the characteristics. The knowledge and the experience from further tests will help to plain the way from the Rapid Prototyping to the Rapid Manufacturing.