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Raman scattering study of implantation damage and annealing in GaAs

: Ramsteiner, M.; Wagner, J.

E-MRS Meeting 1987. Proceedings. Vol.XVI
Paris: Les Editions de Physique, 1987
S.243 ff
European Materials Research Society (Meeting) <1987, Strasbourg>
Fraunhofer IAF ()
Ionenimplantation; Ramanstreuung

First and second-order Raman scattering have been used to probe ion implantation induced damage and its annealing in GaAs. Resonant second-order scattering by two longitudinal optical phonons was found to be more sensitive to the lattice perfection than first-order scattering especially in the range of annealing conditions where electrical activation of the dopant sets in. This is demonstrated e.g. for low dose (4 x 10 E12 - 1 x 10 E13 cm E-2, 100 keV) Si+ implanted material as typically used for GaAs MESFET production. (IAF)