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Raman scattering from the intrinsic 68-meV acceptor in Ga-rich GaAs

Ramanstreuung von dem intrinsischen 68 meV Akzeptor in Ga-reichem GaAs
: Ko, K.H.; Lagowski, J.; Wagner, J.


Physical Review. B 43 (1991), Nr.6, S.5163-5165
ISSN: 0163-1829
ISSN: 1098-0121
ISSN: 0556-2805
Fraunhofer IAF ()
acceptor; Akzeptor; DLTS; GaAs; raman spectroscopy; Ramanspektroskopie

Raman spectroscopy with sub-band-gap excitation has revealed electronic transitions at the 68-meV acceptor in p-type doped Ga-rich GaAs. These transitions, which connect the acceptor ground state with shallow bound excited states, have been used to determine the acceptor binding energy spectroscopically to 71.7 meV. From the quantitative correlation of the Raman line intensity with the acceptor concentration measured by deep-level transient spectroscopy the absolute scattering cross section of 5 x 10 high -24 sr high -1 qcm has been derived.