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Raman characterization of semiconducting materials and related structures.

Raman-Charakterisierung von halbleitenden Materialien und verwandter Strukturen
: Prevot, B.; Wagner, J.

Progress Crystal Growth and Characterization 22 (1991), S.245-319
ISSN: 0146-3535
Fraunhofer IAF ()
Halbleiter; Materialcharakterisierung; materials characterization; raman spectroscopy; Ramanspektroskopie; semiconductor

Raman spectroscopy is discussed as a versatile tool for the characterization of semiconductors and related materials. Raman scattering by intrinsic phonon modes is shown to provide information on the crystallinity and composition of bulk materials as well as on the periodicity of artificial superlattices. Inelastic light scattering gives further insight into the properties of electron or hole gases present in doped materials. Raman scattering by electronic or vibronic excitations of impurities is discussed as a quantitative technique for the assessment of, e. g., residual impurities in substrate materials as well as for the analysis of the dopant incorporation in heavily doped semiconductors.