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Radio transceiver for field bus applications

: Perthold, R.; Mayer, F.

Fourth Annual Wireless Symposium 1996. Proceedings
Hasbrouck Heights, NJ: Penton Publ., 1996
Annual Wireless Symposium <4, 1996, Santa Clara/Calif.>
Fraunhofer IIS A ( IIS) ()
Echelon; Feldbus; fieldbus; Funktransceiver; LON; LonWork; radio transceiver; RFT 433

This article will describe a radio transceiver system developed for digital data transmission using FSK at speeds up to 100 kBit/second. It operates in the European 433 MHz ISM band may easily be modified to operate in different frequency bands. The transceiver uses cost-effective commercial SAW technology for the oscillator frequency determining elements and filtering in the receiver, resulting in very good performance at low cost. A microcontroller performs channel coding and appropriate error protection of the transmitted data, giving the user a transparent serial data link. Originally developed for LON applications, this transceiver may also be included into other field bus systems for home or factory automation. The article will describe the transceiver architecture and will highlight the specific design problems coming with the relatively high temperature drift of most SAW resonators and the consequences for receiver and transmitter design. The problem of designing a SAW oscillat or suitable for frequency modulation and offering the required frequency deviation while maintaining sufficient linearity and temperature stability will also be investigated. Measurement results of the transceiver's performance will be included.