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A radiation sensitive array of p-channel transistors in a floating n-well

: Streil, Thomas; Klinke, Roland; Erlebach, Axel; Birkholz, W.; Herrlich, B.

New developments on radiation detectors '95. Abstracts
European Symposium on semiconductor Detectors <7, 1995, Elmau>
Fraunhofer IMS, Außenstelle Dresden ( IPMS) ()
Alpha-Strahlung; CMOS; Feldeffekttransistor; Strahlungsdetektor; thermisches Neutron

We report on the development of a new radiation sensitive sensor array of p-channel transistors in floating n-wells. This sensor array is sensitive to alpha particles, protons and heavy ions. In addition thermal neutrons can be detected, using a 6Li radiator foil. The sensor was fabricated in a 2 µm-CMOS technology. The sensor system consists of 1024 sensor cells, the preamplifiers, the analog memories, the DA-conversion id the bias signals, and the reset system. It is integrated on a single chip.