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Radiation response of P-I-P diodes on diamond substrates of various type

Electrical properties of semiconductor-insulator homojunctions
: Denisenko, A.V.; Fahrner, W.R.; Henschel, H.; Job, R.; Strähle, U.


IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science 43 (1996), Nr.6, S.3081-3088
ISSN: 0018-9499
Fraunhofer INT ()
diamond; diamond diode; fast neutron; numerical simulation; radiation effect

Double-junction p-i-p diodes are fabricated on natural and synthetic diamond crystals and polycrystalline CVD diamond films and subjected to gamma, electron and neutron exposure. Parameters of the radiation induced defects (concentration and energy distribution of donor-like traps) are evaluated from the experimental I-V curves using a technique which is based on a model of thermionic injection of holes into the insulating diamond over p-i potential barrier. The evaluated parameters of the traps are used for 2-D numerical simulation of radiation effects on diamond based p-i(SiO2)-p solid state triode.