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Qualitätsmanagementsysteme nach DIN ISO 9000 - Wo liegen die Schwierigkeiten?

Quality systems according to ISO 9000 series - Where are the problems
: Kamiske, G.; Malorny, C.; Grabert, S.; Michael, H.; Sander, H.-D.

Qualität und Zuverlässigkeit : QZ 38 (1993), Mai, S.269-274
ISSN: 0033-5126
ISSN: 0720-1214
Fraunhofer IPK ()

An empirical study within 37 companies in the mechanical engineering and chemical industries. Articles and papers from industry appearing in the press and at seminars illustrating the difficulties and effort to be expected during the introduction of Quality Systems (Q-Systems) in accordance with the DIN ISO 9000 series have recently enjoyed a boom. A typical feature of many of these articles is that their approach to the subject is either from the point of view of the Quality Department or concerns specific to the company with the result that they deal with very special problems. The reader whose company is about to introduce a Q-System is therefore likely to have difficulties in finding concrete, representative answers to his special problems. In response to this situation, the Rheinisch Westfälische TÜV Essen is carrying out an empirical study of production industry in cooperation with the Technical University Berlin which should show where the real problems lie in the application an d use of Q-Systems in accordance with the DIN ISO 9000 series. The emphasis of the study lies in the mechanical engineering and chemical industries. In the following article the significant results of the study will be presented.