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PZT-film compositional development and physical properties


The Pennsylvania University, University Park:
ISAF '94. Proceedings
Pennsylvania/Pa., 1994
ISAF <1994>
Fraunhofer IKTS ()
Al2O3-substrate; electrical scanning force microscopy; high molarity precursor sol; hochmolarer Precursor; Kraftmikroskopie; laser induced surface acoustic wave; laserinduzierte Oberflächenwelle; nanoscaled poling experiment; nanoskalige Polung; polycrystalline PZT-film; polykristallin; PZT film; sol-gel processing; Sol-Gel-Prozeß

The preparation-structure-property relationships on relatively thick (0.5-1.5myrn) polycrystalline PZT-films have been studied. The PZT-films were prepared by sol-gel processing from high molarity precursor sols (bigger than 2M) on Pt-metallized polycrystalline, Al203-substrates. Special emphasis was given to the dependence of film properties on Zr/Ti-ratio, Pb-concentration, and thickness Particularly, new approaches are necessary to deduce the familiar material data of compact PZT on films. Laser induced surface acoustic waves proved to be useful to deduce mechanical and geometrical parameters. Electrical scanning force microscopy made nanoscaled poling experiments possible in areas less than 300nm mark 300nm. In order to qualify the material system for application in the printing process the investigation were directed to higher thickness of films, enlarged coating area and improvement of material properties.