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Putting structure on the process models in qualitative physics.

Strukturierung von Prozeßmodellen der qualitativen Physik
: Sutchet, G.

International Association for Mathematics and Computers in Simulation -IMACS-:
Proceedings of the 12th IMACS World Congress '88 on Scientific Computation. Vol.IV
S.309ff. : Lit.
World Congress on Scientific Computation <12, 1988, Paris>
Fraunhofer IITB ( IOSB) ()
Modell(tief); Physik; Wissensrepräsentation(prozeßorientiert); Wissensrepräsentationssprache

Existing approaches to qualitative physics concentrate on the reasoning aspects with qualitative values. There is a lack of good representation languages that support a structured modeling of the systems to reason about. In this paper we will demonstrate the need for structuring mechanisms in deep models. We will present two concepts working especially for process models. (IITB)