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Purification and cloning of interferon-stimulated gene factor 2 -ISGF2- ISGF2 -IRF-1- can bind to the promoters of both beta interferon- and interferon-stimulated genes but is not a primary transcriptional activator of either

: Pine, R.; Kessler, D.S.; Levy, D.E.; Darnell, J.E.; Decker, T.

Molecular and Cellular Biology 10 (1990), Nr.6, S.2448-2457
ISSN: 0270-7306
Fraunhofer ITA ( ITEM) ()
DNA-binding protein; gene expression regulation; genetic transcription; interferon; interferon alpha; interferon gamma; molecular cloning; protein

Interferon-stimulated gene factor 2 (ISGF2) was purified from Hela cells treated with alpha interferon. The factor, a single polypeptide of 56 kilodaltons (kDa), bound both to the central 9 base pairs of the 15-base-pair interferon-stimulated response element (ISRE) that is required for transcriptional activation of interferon-stimulated genes and to the PRD-I regulatory element of the beta interferon gene. ISGF2 was a phosphoprotein, and dephosphorylation in vitro reduced its DNA-binding activity. However, conditions that changed the amount of ISGF2 did not change the phosphorylated isoforms in vivo. ISGF2 in unstimulated cells existed in trace amounts and was induced by both alpha interferon and gamma interferon as well as by virus infection. Plasmid-bearing Escherichia coli clones encoding ISGF2 were selected with antibody against purified ISGF2. Sequence analysis revealed that the ISGF2 protein was the same as that encoded by the cDNA clone IRF-1, which has been claimed to activate transcription of interferon genes. We show that transcription of the ISGF2 gene was induced by alpha interferon, gamma interferon, and double- stranded RNA. However, ISGF2 was neither necessary nor sufficient for induced transcription of the beta interferon gene, while the factor NF kappa B was clearly involved.