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Prozeßüberwachung durch Temperaturregelung beim Generieren mit CO2-Laserstrahlung

Process monitoring by temperature control during generating with CO2 laser radiation

Laser und Optoelektronik 28 (1996), Nr.3, S.59-67
ISSN: 0722-9003
Fraunhofer ILT ()
CO2 laser radiation

Generating with CO, laser radiation belongs to the latest Generation of rapid prototyping processes. From the point of view of process- ing principles, generating with laser radiation corresponds to sin- gle-layer coating using laser radiation. The material, in the form of fine-grain metal powder, is fed by an inert gas current into a nozzle which directs it to the processing location. There the powder is liquified by laser radiation together with a thin surface layer below it, thereby producing a melt-metallurgical compund. By layering many layers on top of each other (upwards of 1000 is possible) three-dimensional parts can be manufactured. Depending on the height of the part and the number of layers as well as the geometry of the part (open contours, narrow radii), the heat conduction mechanisms change, and local temperature peaks can occur which affect the expansion of the melt bath and therefore the dimensional accuracy of the generated part [1,2]. Temperature measure ment and con t rol are therefore important for obtaining optimally accurate size and shape. In this work an experimental apparatus for the measurement and control of radiation emitted from the melt bath will be introduced. The influence of temperature control on product quality will be shown using simple shapes (thin- walled pipes, cubes) as examples