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Prozeßnahes Messen in der Hochpräzisionstechnik

: Puder, J.

ZWF CIM 89 (1994), Nr.5, S.232-234
ISSN: 0932-0482
Fraunhofer IPK ()
Hochpräzisieren; In-Prozeß-Messung; Maßnahme; Meßzeit; optische Meßanordnung; Parallelschaltung; sensor; Verkürzung

Measuring close-to-process in high-precision engineering. Modem CNC control systems lend machine tools and production cells the necessary flexibility, apart from a high productivity, and permit increases of accuracy by compensating static and dynamic error influences when generating dimensions and shapes of the parts. With a reduced process safety, the acquisition selected geometrical parameters for the feedback of corrections into controls, after setting the machine or after a tool change, done quickly and thus close to the process, is becoming increasingly important. There are several measuring methods which can be used here.