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Programmierbare, optisch sensitive Schaltung

Programmable photosensitive circuit for rotation angle sensor.
: Budde, W.; Gottfried-Gottfried, R.

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DE 1997-19754626 A: 19971209
DE 1997-19754626 A: 19971209
DE 19754626 C2: 19991021
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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NOVELTY - The circuit has a number of photosensitive individual cells (100). Each cell has a photosensitive component (102), a switch (104) and a storage element (108). The switch is assigned to at least one component, so that the individual cell is connected to one or more individual cells. The storage element is assigned to the switch and contains data, w inform whether the switch effects a connection with one or more individual cells. USE - Angle of rotation sensor. ADVANTAGE - Facilitates a flexible spatial composition and a flexible number of resulting photosensitive surfaces, as well as a flexible connection of the evaluation circuits. DESCRIPTION OF DRAWING(S) - The figure shows an example of a photosensitive individual cell used in the circuit. individual cell 100 photosensitive component 102 switch 104 storage element 108