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Produktrecycling-Praxis und Perspektiven. Aufarbeitung und Instandsetzung als Herausforderung an den Konstrukteur

: Steinhilper, R.

Hubka, V.; Kostelic, A.:
International Conference on Engineering Design '90. Vol.3. Proceedings
Zagreb: Heurista & Yudeko, 1990
ISBN: 3-85693-023-X
International Conference on Engineering Design <1990, Dubrovnik>
Fraunhofer IPA ()
Konstruktion; recycling

According to the three main stages within a product's life-cycle namely Manufacturing, Product Use and Disposal, VDI-guideline No 2243 lists three kinds of recycling-circuits: Manufacturing Waste Recycling, Recycling during Product Use, Waste Recycling. Recycling during Product Use shows considerable possibilities: Remanufacturing Products in large quantities by a procedure following five steps: disassembly, cleaning, testing, reconditioning of parts, reassembly will more and more replace inefficient single repair jobs. Life-Cycle-Engineering of Products and the knowhow required by the designer are described in this paper, using various examples from Germany and USA.