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Production of and aerosol measurements with nuclear track filters made from PVDF foils

Produktion von und Aerosolmessungen mit Kernspur-Filtern aus PVDF-Folien
: Brandt, R.; Vater, P.; Dunkhorst, W.; Holländer, W.

Ferroelectrics 115 (1991), Nr.4, S.209-213
ISSN: 0015-0193
ISSN: 1563-5112
Conference on Piezo- and Pyroelectric PVDF Films <1990, Göteborg>
Fraunhofer ITA ( ITEM) ()
aerosol; air pollution; Kernspurfilter; Luftverschmutzung; nuclear track filter; particles; Partikel; PVDF; total suspended particulate matter; TSPM

It was demonstrated that heavy ion irradiated PVDF foils can be successfully etched to form nuclear track filters. Proper choice of etching conditions maintains the piezoelectric film properties, so that absorbing aerosol deposited on a filter can be measured. The technique needs further development before a cheap and reliable aerosol measuring instrument can be obtained. Since conducting as well as nonconducting asrosol can be measured, potential applications include the whole range between ambient aerosol measurements and emission control. Limited discrimination of chemical species by changing the illumination wavelength seems possible.