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Product and Process Quality through CIM

"QCIM" - A German Research Project
: Pirron, J.

Zaremba, M. ; International Society for Productivity Enhancement -ISPE-; International Federation of Automatic Control -IFAC-, Technical Committee on Manufacturing Technology; Ottawa Carleton Research Institute -OCRI-, Kanada; International Federation of Automatic Control -IFAC-:
Information Technology for Modern Manufacturing
Kanada: OCRI Publications, 1994
ISBN: 1-895634-06-7
ISPE/IFAC International Conference on CAD/CAM, Robotics and Factories of the Future <10, 1994, Ottawa, Canada>
Fraunhofer IPA ()
CIM; CIM-AG; QCIM; total quality management; TQM

The German research project 'Quality through Computer Integrated Manufacturing' (QCIM) started in 1993 and continues the research that was initiated in a previous project, the CIM-AG (Working Group CIM). Goal of this project is the invention of scientific basics for national and international standardization activities in the field of quality management. The project is financed by the German ministry of research which offers a total budget of 18 million DM (about US $10.5 million). The research was necessary since quality is becoming an increasingly important competition factor in international markets. To guarantee product and process quality in all industrial branches, the need for a more general way of thinking, which is known as Total Quality Management, becomes necessary, Total Quality Management emphasizes overall quality right from the beginning of the product's life cycle. Its performance requires a high availability of information and knowledge for each person that is involved in the conception, design and production process. The Computer Integrated Manufacturing concept is able to offer excellent methods and tools that fulfill perfectly this requirement of excellent information throughout the entire life-cycle of a product.