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Process Control for High Pressure Water Jet Cutting Systems

Prozeßsteuerung für Hochdruckwasserstrahlschneidesysteme
: Kischkat, R.; Henning, A.

Gee, C. ; British Hydromechanics Research Group, Cranfield:
13th International Conference on Jetting Technology 1996. Papers
London, GB: Mechanical Engineering Publ., 1996 (BHR Group conference series 21)
ISBN: 1-86058-011-4
International Conference on Jetting Technology <13, 1996, Sardinien>
Fraunhofer IPA ()
Hochdruckwasserstrahlschneiden; Prozeßüberwachung; Wasserstrahlschneiden

Water jet cutting has been established in many areas of industrial manufacturing. The industrial cutting systems have to maintain high quality and security standards. They should enable easy operating even by unskilled workers. During the past years modeling and control solutions for single parameters have been evaluated in research. Industrial users though need more information and functions than these isolated solutions can provide. Therefore an integrated concept is needed, i.e. a process control system that visualizes process parameters, wear and malfunctions and that controls the whole water jet cutting system. This paper describes a concept to combine single control solutions for specific parameters for water jet cutting systems. This integrated concept of process control is based on modeling the entire water jet cutting system. With sensor and control signals as input parameters the system states and the system components are modelled. The software structure using object orienta ted architecture is designed for easy adaptation of new sensors and additional software modules. The modular concept also supports easy adaptation to different machines. This here discussed approach to process control provides control and diagnosis devices and security functions for easy and safe operation. This paper illustrates how integrated concepts of process control can increase cost effectiveness and availability of the water jet cutting system and enable data collection and integration into production lines.