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Pressenvorrichtung zur Herstellung von Gestellmoebeln

Frame furniture press for production lines or robot assembly - consists of one fixed and one movable base plate mounted on pivoting frame with quick-fitting workpiece holders to clamp component groups.
: Hoerz, T.; Guenzl, B.

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DE 1996-19637178 A: 19960912
DE 1996-19637178 A: 19960912
DE 19637178 C2: 19980716
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The press (10) has a fixed base plate (1) and a second parallel base plate (2), which is borne on at least one linear device (6) and which moves parallel to the fixed base plate. The base plates hold several removable workpiece holders (3,4) to removably press or clamp individual component groups (5) of a furniture frame. A control and evaluation device, is connected to at least one press pressure limiter. The press is pivotally positioned on a base frame (9) about a pivot axis (8), and has a pivot drive (7). The workpiece holders, which are designed to fit workpiece components, are for flexible positioning with a quick-change unit on the base plate by hand or a handling device using quick change units, which may be achieved by snap-fitting into a hole or groove. ADVANTAGE - Can be integrated rationally into automatic production.