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Present state of interdependencies between the mechanical and ballistic behaviour of metals

: Behler, F.-J.; Frank, K.; Magness, L.; Meyer, L.W.

Proceedings of the 28th NATO Defence Group Seminar on Novel Materials for Impact Loading
Novel Materials for Impact Loading <28, 1988, Bremen>
Fraunhofer IFAM ()
ballistic behaviour; correlation; energy; geometry; interdependencies; loading condition; material behaviour; material characteristic; penetrator; target

The ballistic behaviour of targets and penetrators are determined by a large number of parameters. These can be classified into certain main groups: geometrie (diameter, length, arrangement of target, inclination, shape etc), energy (mass, velocity, density etc), material behaviour (strength, deformability, failure, strain, strain rate, rate sensitivity etc). From these three main factors the influence of the material behaviour involved is pointed out by comparing ballistic and dynamic mechanical results, regarding the prerequisitions which are named. The knowledge of correlations found between different target with special loading conditions and different kinds of material characteristics lead to a better insight into the requirements to be fulfilled by the penetrator material. This exhibits the possibility and advantage to develop under purposeful conditions better materials with improved performance.