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Preparation of metal nanosuspensions by high-pressure dc-sputtering on running liquids

: Wagener, M.; Günther, B.; Murty, B.S.

Komarneni, S.; Parker, J.C.; Wollenberger, H. ; Materials Research Society -MRS-:
Nanophase and nanocomposite materials II
Pittsburgh, Pa.: MRS, 1997 (Materials Research Society symposia proceedings 457)
ISBN: 1-558-99361-4
Symposium Nanophase and Nanocomposite Materials <2, 1996, Boston>
Materials Research Society (Fall Meeting) <1996, Boston/Mass.>
Fraunhofer IFAM ()
magnetic fluid; metal nanosuspension; nanoparticle; sputtering

A modified VERL-process (Vacuum evaporation on running liquids) employing high pressure magnetron sputtering has been used for the preparation of metal nanosuspensions.The method has been tested in the case of Ag/organic liquid and Fe/organic liquid suspensions by varying the pressure of the Argon sputtering atmosphere in the range of 1 to 30 Pa. A sharp particle size distribution with a mean particle diameter ranging from 5-15 nm has been found. The mean particle size increases with increasing Argon pressure. A descriptive model for the process of particle formation as a function of sputtering gas pressure has been developed.