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Preparation and thermal stability of nanocrystalline Cu alloys

: Günther, B.; Veltl, G.; Kunze, H.-D.

Philosophical magazine. B 68 (1993), Nr.8, S.825-832
ISSN: 0031-8086
Fraunhofer IFAM ()
Kupfer; mechanisches Legieren; Mikrogefüge; nanokristallines Material; Pulvermetallurgie; thermische Stabilität

Immiscible Cu alloys (Cu-Ag, Cu-Ta, Cu-W) have been prepared by using the following two methods: a) Inert gas condensation followed by an integrated cold compaction step and b) high-energy ball milling. Duplex microstructures obtained from evaporation of a prealloy or by ball milling of the respective elemental powder ingredients are thermally rather stable and show homogeneous grain growth. The specific heat of mechanically alloyed Cu-W shows an anomalous behavior for milling times around 25h indicating a minimum in the thermal stability at an intermediate stage of mechanical deformation.