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Powder metallurgy on its way to nanocrystalline structures

: Günther, B.; Kunze, H.-D.; Scholz, B.

International journal of materials & product technology 8 (1993), Nr.2/3/4, S.351-360
ISSN: 0268-1900
Fraunhofer IFAM ()
mechanisches Legieren; Metallpulver; nanokristallines Material; Pulvermetallurgie

A survey is given on some methods for the preparation of metallic and ceramic dense nanocrystalline materials with average grain sizes between 5 and 10O nm The use of nano-dispersed, i.e. highly sinter-active starting powders allows the realization of extremely high grain-/phase-boundary area that determine the unusual properties of the resultant P/M parts and materials. The various suitable P/M methods for the production of pure as well as composite nc- materials include the sol-gel process, mechanical alloying and the inert gas condensation method. Some of the fascinating potentials of P/M fabricated nc-materials due to their magnetic electronic and mechanical behaviour are elucidated