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Potentiodynamische Detektion von Nitro- und Aminoaromaten

Potentiodynamic detection of nitro- and aminoaromatics
: Krausa, M.; Doll, J.; Schorb, K.; Hambitzer, G.

Chemie in Labor und Biotechnik : CLB 49 (1998), Nr.2, S.59-62
ISSN: 0943-6677
ISSN: 0722-6764
Fraunhofer ICT ()

The prototype of a new potentiodynamic electrochem. sensor system is presented for the qual. and quant. detection of nitro- and aminoaroms. in soil and groundwater. The system is based on cyclic voltammetry, which has rarely been used to date. Different classes of substances can be detected by the same sensor system by the variation of the electrochem. parameters. The system was successfully tested, and the measurement, including sampling, was complete in .apprx.5 min. Contaminated samples can be simply, cheaply, and quickly tested in the field. Because of the wide range of chem. and electrochem. parameters, this system can be used for many other applications, e.g. for the detection of chem. warfare agents.