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Positioniervorrichtung mit Kraftsensor

Positioning device incorporating force sensor
: Fischer, G.; Heber, M.

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DE 1991-4129152 A: 19910902
DE 1991-4129152 A: 19910902
DE 4129152 A1: 19930408
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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The description refers to a device for positioning a tool attached to a single- or multi-axis arm for handling and/or machining a workpiece, comprising drive devices for each of the axes on the arm, a control unit for the drive devices and, if necessary, for the tool. The device is characterized by the fact that at least one force sensor is provided; if an output signal is applied to the control units, the control unit controls the movement of the arm in such a way that the force excerted by the tool on the workpiece is a function of the position of the tool.