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Position adjustment - From manual tapping to computer-aided control

: Siebenhaar, C.; Guyenot, V.

Innovationskolleg Bewegungssysteme; TU Ilmenau; Univ. Jena:
1. International Conference on Motion Systems 1997. Proceedings
Jena, 1997
International Conference on Motion Systems <1, 1997, Jena>
Fraunhofer IOF ()
adjustment; coefficient of restitution; displacement; electromagnetic Hammer; friction; Hammer; impact; impulsive force; intelligent control; Momentum; movement; optical fibre; pulse; stepped transfer; stick-slip

It is easier to precisely change the position of an object by using a slight tapping instead of a constant pushing force. This principle of stepped transmission of momentum is applied in the manufacture of microscopes, telescopes and other instruments. Traditionally the positioning is manually activated. A new development in the field of position adjustment is automatic principle of stepped transfer of momentum. An arrangement of miniaturized electromagnets as variant of the hammer transfers mechanical impulse to object to be adjusted. Special algorithms allow the fast, automatic and precise positioning of components like mirrors, glass fibres and sensors.