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Portfolio-Analyse für die DV-Strategie - Entscheidung

: Gastner, R.; Heicking, W.

IX (1995), Nr.7, S.144-147
ISSN: 0935-9680
Fraunhofer ISST ()
migration; Portfolio-Analyse; reengineering

Portfolio analysis is a method which supports management decision-making by gathering, consolidating and evaluating information and by giving graphical representations of the evaluation results. The assessment of application systems in software reengineering is usually done unsing a four-field method which allows abstract measures as -no action-, -reengineering-, -extend- or -replace- to be assigned to the systems. Since existing portfolio procedures have a very high abstraction level, making them not particularly revealing, the Fraunhofer Institute for Software Engineering and System Engineering -ISST- has developed an iterative portfolio procedure. It is based on a general phase model for portfolio analyses an unses tables for representation. This permits reengineering measures to be represented in a more differentiated way and means that a variety of company-specific evaluation strategies can be applied.