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Polymere Traegerschichten mit immobilisierten biologisch aktiven Materialien fuer Biosensoren und Verfahren zu ihrer Herstellung

Polymeric bio sensor or bio catalyst - comprises layers contg. immobilised biologically active material film pores
: Hintsche, R.; Heinrich, G.; Kampfrath, G.; Hoffmann, B.; Scheller, F.; Nentwig, J.; Pfeiffer, D.; Neumann, G.

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DD 1988-319230 A: 19880826
DE 1989-3927056 A: 19890816
DE 3927056 A1: 19900301
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The invention relates to polymer substrates for biosensors for the determination of substances in solution and suitable for use in analytical chemistry and in medical diagnosis. Furthermore, it refers to biocatalysts for transformation used in biotechnology. The features of the invention consist of chemically cross-linking a film-type, porous, polymer substrate in which biologically active materials are embedded by adding bifunctional or polyfunctional substances in order to ensure the retention of biomacromolecules and, simultaneously, the rapid permeation of reagents and reaction products. Shorter response times of the biosensors and more efficient transformations are obtained.


DE 3927056 A UPAB: 19930928 Polymer layers contg an immobilised biologically active material (I) for use in biosensors (or biocatalysts) comprise a porous film of a polymer having functional gps. (I) is contained in the pores of the film, whose effective size (ie the size of the pore openings) is less than the molecular dia of (I). ADVANTAGE - The films retain (I) effectively while maintaining high permeability for small mols.