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Policies towards technology-based companies in a regional context

: Koschatzky, K.; Kulicke, M.

Gonda, K. ; Industrial Research Center of Japan, Tokyo:
Regionalization of Science and Technology Resources in the Context of Globalization. Proceedings of NISTEP
Tokyo, 1994
International Workshop on Regional of S&T Policy Research - Regionalization of S&T Resources in the Context of Globalization <1993, Iwate>
Fraunhofer ISI ()
regional development; Regionalentwicklung; Rhein-Main-Gebiet; Rhine-Main-Area; technologieorientiertes Unternehmen; Technologiepolitik; Technologietransfer; Technology-based Company; technology policy; technology transfer; TOU

Centres of excellence (CoEs) can arise from a regional cluster of technology-oriented enterprises, but also from a cluster of research institutes and innovation-supportive service institutions such as technology parks and information and advisory agencies. Strengthening of the regional innovation and technology base can take place when the CoEs are embedded in a regional network, so that other firms and institutions are also able to participate in the regional research and technology potential. In this paper the thesis is put forward that it is not sufficient to use CoEs as a regional technology policy instrument without additional measures. CoEs can only contribute to strengthening the regional innovation potential if the scientific and technological capacities of firms located in the region are increased, or if the founding of new technology-based firms is supported. One precondition for the formulation of appropriate promotion measures is knowledge of the regional entrepreurial and technology potential.