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Pneumatische Handspritzpistole mit automatischer Spritzstrahlverstellung

Pneumatic hand spray pistol for applying coloured lacquer - has valves in pipelines, with valves operated by control unit giving variable spray pattern and flow rate.
: Nolte, H.J.; Svejda, P.

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DE 1996-19615379 A: 19960418
DE 1996-19615379 A: 19960418
DE 19615379 C2: 20021010
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A pneumatic hand spray pistol for applying coloured lacquers has separate pipelines (3,4,9) for the medium to be applied, atomising air and pressurised air. At least in the pipeline for the pressurised air and/or the one for the medium, there are devices (6,8) controlled by a unit (2) which influence the spray geometry and/or the flow rate. There is another such device in the pipeline for the atomising air. The control unit has a store for different settings for the devices and these settings can be called up by the user. The devices comprise solenoid valves, pressure reducers, pressure controllers, metering units or proportional valves. ADVANTAGE - Simple, repeatable and user-friendly matching of the spray to different applications.