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Plate resonator
: Fuchs, H.V.; Hunecke, J.; Zha, X.

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DE 1995-19506511 A: 19950224
DE 1995-19506511 A: 19950224
EP 1996-905783 A: 19960223
WO 1996-EP751 W: 19960223
DE 19506511 C2: 19980827
EP 811097 B1: 20020515
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The invention relates to a plate resonator for sound absorption, comprising: - a thin front plate with high elasticity and low internal friction, e.g. made of metal, - a rear plate also with high elasticity, but with high internal friction, - a full surface fixed connection between the front plate and the rear plate acting as an adhesive bond (e.g. double-sided adhesive tape), - a surround closed on all sides by the rear plate and not impairing the side sound inlet into the rear plate.