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28-51 GHz dynamic frequency divider based on 0.15 mym T-gate Al0.2Ga0.8As/In0.25Ga0.75As MODFETs.

28-51 GHz dynamischer Frequenzteiler mit 0.15 mym T-gate Al0.2Ga0.8As/In0.25Ga0.75As MODFETs


Electronics Letters 29 (1993), Nr.10, S.933-934
ISSN: 0013-5194
Fraunhofer IAF ()
AlGaAs/InGaAs; dynamic circuit; dynamische Schaltung; field effect transistor; frequency divider; Frequenzteiler; HEMT; pseudomorphe MODFET; pseudomorphic MODFET; semiconductor device; semiconductor material; transistor

The design and performance of a 28 - 51 GHz dynamic frequency divider based on pseudomorphic Alsub0.2Gasub0.8As/Insub0.25Gasub0.75As MODFETs with 0.15Mym mushroom-shaped gates are presented. The circuit has a power consumption of approximately equal to 440 mW and a chip area of approximately equal to 200 x 220 My square meter.