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Plasma focus as intense light source for soft x-ray microscopy.

Der Plasmafokus als eine intensive Lichtquelle für die weiche Röntgenstrahlung
: Richter, F.; Holz, R.; Neff, W.; Lebert, R.

Pereira, N.R. ; American Institute of Physics -AIP-, New York:
Dense z-pinches. Second International Conference 1989
New York/N.Y.: AIP, 1989 (AIP Conference Proceedings 195)
ISBN: 0-88318-396-X
International Conference on Dense Z-Pinches <2, 1989, Laguna Beach/Calif.>
Fraunhofer ILT ()
Fresnel-Kondensator; Fresnelcondenser zone plate; microscope; Mikroskop; nitrogen; plasma focus; Plasmafokus; Wasserfenster; water window; Zonenplatte

A plasma focus operating in nitrogen is developed as an x-ray source for the laboratory type x-ray microscope. The radiation has to be emitted into the "water window" (2.33 nm - 4.37 nm) with a reciprocal relative bandwidth (RRB) of Lambda/Delta Lambda > 200. The nearly coinciding Lyman-Alpha line of nitrogen VII Lambda = 2.48 nm and the second resonance line of nitrogen VI at Lambda = 2.49 nm are chosen. For the use in the microscope the end on diameter of the source has to be about 200 My m with a spatial jitter below 100 My m. A prototype of the source has been examined in its spatial, temporal and spectral properties. The higher ionization cross sections of nitrogen compared to noble gases influences the start of the discharge. First experiments with Fresnel condenser zone plates (CZP) as a tool for plasma soft x-ray emission diagnostics are presented. Experimental results are compared with non LTE modeling of the collapse and pinch phase of the plasma focus.