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Plasma deposition of fluoro-hydrogenated amorphous carbon films

: Sah, R.E.; Dischler, B.; Koidl, P.

Proceedings of the Int.Symposium on Trends and New Applications in Thin Films
S.447-451 : Abb.,Lit.
International Symposium on Trends and New Applications in Thin Films (TATF) <1, 1987, Strasbourg>
Fraunhofer IAF ()
amorphe Kohlenstoffschicht; fluorierte Plasmaabscheidung)

Amorphous fluoro-hydrogenated carbon films (a-C:H,F) have been prepared in a 2.3 MHz glow discharge system from fluorinated benzenes, C6FmH(6-m) with 0 smaller than m smaller than 6. In addition, a-C:H,F films with variable H/F ratio were deposited using mixture of a hydrocarbon and a fluorocarbon. Mixtures of C6H6 or CH4 with C6F6 or CF4 have been studied. The relations between process parameters like rf-power, bias voltage and deposition rate were found to depend significantly on the type and relative concentration of the process gases. The influence of the substitution of hydrogen by fluorine on the film properties is discussed. (IAF)