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Piezoelektrischer Leistungsaktor mit Kuehlung und Verfahren zu seiner Herstellung

High-frequency piezoelectric power actuator apparatus with heat dissipation - has stamped alloy plates extending equally in opposite directions from alternate interstices of stack of annular piezoceramic elements.
: Gesemann, H.J.; Schoenecker, A.; Keitel, U.

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DE 1996-19626671 A: 19960703
DE 1996-19626671 A: 19960703
DE 19626671 C1: 19971016
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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The apparatus includes a stack of elementary polarised rings (1) of sintered lead zirconate-titanate ceramic with contact material (3) between them. The rings are bonded by thermally hardened epoxy resin to plates (2) of copper-bronze alloy 100 mu m thick with smaller central holes. Alternate plates are interconnected by copper wires (7) with dip-soldered joints (6). The portion of each plate protruding from the stack is in the form of a 270 deg. segment of a circle with the same external diameter (D2), extending tangentially into a rounded 90 deg. vertex. With an applied voltage of 1 kV such a device has an expansion of 21 mu m and capacitance of 111 nF. USE/ADVANTAGE - For operation at frequency between 5 and 30 kHz. Heat from interior of device is abstracted easily.