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Piezoelektrischer Aktor mit veraenderbarer Steifigkeit

High load resistant piezoelectric actuator with variable rigidity - has PZT coated aluminium oxide plates bonded to multilayer contractor.
: Gesemann, H.J.; Schoenecker, A.; Seffner, L.

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DE 1996-19638507 A: 19960920
DE 1996-19638507 A: 19960920
DE 19638507 C1: 19980115
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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A piezoelectric actuator of variable rigidity consists of one or more adjacent or overlying individual elements, each comprising a multilayer contractor (3) with alternate side parallel-connected inner electrodes (4). Top and bottom Al2O3 plates (1) are bonded to the contractor, at least at its outer edges, and are coated, at the side facing the contractor, with a PZT thick film (2) provided with electrodes. ADVANTAGE - The actuator exhibits an extension of about 1% of its thickness at 200 V, allows large area deflection and, compared with similar prior art Moonie elements, allows application of much larger adjustment forces.