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Piezoelectrically driven rotation stepper motor for high resolution movings

: Portius, P.; Wehrsdorfer, E.

Borgmann, H.; Lenz, K. ; AXON Technologie Consult GmbH, Bremen:
Actuator '94. Conference Proceedings
Bremen, 1994
S.183-185 : Abb.
International Conference on New Actuators <4, 1994, Bremen>
Fraunhofer IOF ()
adjusting device; Aktuator; Drehversteller; piezoelectric actuator; piezoelektrischer Antrieb; piezoelektrischer Schrittmotor; piezomotor; Positionierantrieb; Positioniergenauigkeit; positioning accuracy; positioning device; Rundtisch; turntable

A piezoelectrically driven stepper motor has been developed for angular resolutions in the range of seconds. The motor operates on the basis of a modified Inchworm-Principle. For driving low voltage piezoactuators of 28 mym maximum expansion and with a mechanical transmission for increasing the expansion to 200 pm have been applied. The maximum rotation step is 1,7' for 200 V control voltage. The angle resolution is depending on the stability of the control voltage, we measured 0,025". For the rotation rate a value of 8 degree per minute has been measured. The torque of the motor is smaller than 1 Nm.