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Eurographics '91 Tutorial Note 3: Physiological Aspects of Human Vision and Computer Graphics

: Groß, M.

Vienna, 1991, 55 S.
Eurographics Technical Report Series, EG 91 TN 3
Eurographics <12, 1991, Wien>
Fraunhofer IGD ()
computer graphics; human vision; human visual system; image analysis; image generation; image interpretation; physics

High level image analysis is one of the main features of the human visual system. The way it works causes implications both on image generation and on image interpretation. The following tutorial gives an introduction to the performance of human vision and shows its influence on Computer Graphics and Image Processing using representative examples. It first describes its architecture as well as the physics of light and photometry. The spartial and temporal sensitivity to achromatic light is presented and features as adaptation, visual acuity and stereo vision are discussed. Color vision also takes a very crucial influence on Graphics from the CIE primaries to higher-order colorimetry. Finally computional models of the human visual system are described and an introduction to image classification and pattern recognition is given with a special regard to neural networks.