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Photoluminescent silicon in nanoporous aluminium oxide

: Heilmann, A.; Jutzi, P.; Klipp, A.; Kreibig, U.; Neuendorf, R.; Sawitowski, T.; Schmid, G.

Polman, A. ; Materials Research Society -MRS-:
Materials and devices for silicon-based optoelectronics
Warrendale, Pa.: MRS, 1998 (Materials Research Society symposia proceedings 486)
ISBN: 1-558-99391-6
S.379-384 : Ill., Lit.
Materials Research Society (Fall Meeting) <1997, Boston/Mass.>
Fraunhofer IWM ()

Thermal decomposition of a metastable silane in nanoporous alumina leads to the formation of liminescent silicon nanostructures. While varying the pore size of the transparent membranes the luminescent can be shifted from 504 nm up to 537 nm by building up a sheet-like structure of siloxene on the inner pore surface.