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Photocorrosion of cadmium sulfide suspensions applied in animal inhalation studies

: Heinrich, U.; Kock, H.; König, H.P.; Peters, L.

Univ. Düsseldorf, Medizinisches Institut für Umwelthygiene:
Environmental hygiene 3
Berlin: Springer, 1992
ISBN: 3-540-54844-0
European Meeting of Environmental Hygiene <3, 1991, Düsseldorf>
Fraunhofer ITA ( ITEM) ()
aerosol; cadmium; cadmium sulphide; Carcinogenesis; hazardous substance; inhalation toxicology; lung; tumor

Results: Because of the high carcinogenic potency of Cd++ ions in the lungs also very small amounts of CdS dissolved in the lungs could lead to a tumor response, and therefore inhalable CdS has to be regarded as a probable human carcinogen. Because of the relatively long biological half-time of inhaled particles like CdS in the human lung compared to the rat lung the carcinogenic risk of CdS dust for humans could be higher than expected on the basis of the rat data.