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Phlegmatisierter Energietraeger und Verfahren zur Rueckgewinnung des in dem phlegmatisierten Energietraeger enthaltenen Explosivstoffs

Phlegmatised energy carrier - comprises explosive material in crystalline form and plastic coating on crystal grains based on water-resistant acrylic copolymer.
: Mueller, D.; Helfrich, M.

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DE 1996-19605346 A: 19960214
DE 1996-19605346 A: 19960214
DE 19605346 C1: 19970724
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The phlegmatised energy carrier comprises an explosive material in crystalline form and a plastic coating on the crystal grains based on a water-resistant acrylic copolymer which can be removed by mechanical treatment in an at least 10% aqueous base. USE - Used especially for the phlegmatisation of sensitive explosives such as hexogen (RDX) or octogen (HMX) to render these less sensitive to friction and impact to provide safe storage, handling and processing e.g. in an extruder. ADVANTAGE - The phlegmatising coating can be removed from the explosive crystal grains when required, e.g. prior to disposal of old stock, by a simple, environmentally harmless procedure. Removal of the coating allows old explosives to be disposed of by safer, less environmentally polluting methods than disposal by burning usually used with phlegmatised explosives.