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Phase-locking efficiency of waveguide CO2 lasers with a spatial filter

: Glova, A.F.; Kurchatov, S.Y.; Likhanskii, V.V.; Lysikov, A.Y.; Napartovich, A.P.; Shchetnikov, S.B.; Yartsev, V.P.; Habich, U.


Quantum electronics. A translation of the journal Kvantovaya elektronika 27 (1997), Nr.4, S.309-311
ISSN: 1063-7818
Fraunhofer ILT ()
CO2-Laser; filter

A study was made of the efficiency of phase locking of the radiation emitted by waveguide C02 lasers with a spatial filter, considered as a function of the filter parameters and of the mismatch between the optical lengths of the individual laser cavities. Under full phase looking conditions it should be possible to reach a phase-locking efficiency in excess of 80 per cent.