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PGE 1 improves blood flow in skin capillaries of conscious rats -WKY and SHR- through their lifetime in different

: Creutzig, A.; Hertel, R.F.

Prostaglandins in clinical research - Cardiovascular system
New York/N.Y.: Liss, 1989
ISBN: 0-8451-5151-7
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Fraunhofer ITA ( ITEM) ()
cardiovascular system; Gefäßerkrankung; Gefäßsystem; Kreislaufsystem; Mikrozirkulation; PGE1; Prostaglandin E1; rat; Ratte; vascular deseaese; vascular system

With regard to its significant effects PGE1 is discussed as a new therapeutical principle for improvement of microcirculation in case of chronic arterial occlusive vascular diseases. The improvement of blood flow takes place in both muscle and skin vascular beds at the same time. From the findings we conclude that intravenously injected PGE1 improves blood flow in capillaries within a therapeutical range in both young and mature WKY and SHR whereby the dose required for a maximal response is lower in SHR. Furthermore it is found that individual responses to the PGE1 treatment may differ up to 300%.