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Pb1-xEuxSe photodiodes for the 3 - 5 mym ranges.

Pb1-xEuxSe-Photodioden für den 3 - 5 mym Bereich
: Guan, Y.; Halford, B.; Tacke, M.

Infrared physics 31 (1991), Nr.3, S.255-263 : Abb.,Tab.,Lit.
ISSN: 0020-0891
Fraunhofer IPM ()
detectivity; Detektivität; diode; diode Resistance; diodenwiderstand; Europium; nahes Infrarot; near infrared; photodiode

A series of five photodiode detectors have been fabricated using MBE growth techniques from the ternary compound PbEuSe with values of x ranging from 0 to about 10 mol. %. With the europium concentrations the cut-off wavelength can be tuned from 6.7 micrometer (x - 0) to 2.7 micrometer (x = 0.1) at 95 K. With the growth of a graded cap layer the spectral quantum efficiency was increased by aproximately a factor 2 compared with diodes previously fabricated without the cap layer. RoA and spectral quantum efficiency values were determined over a temperature range of 95 - 300 K. The measured values of RoA are compared to calculated values of RoA based on a diffusion limited model and an attempt is made to explain discrepancies.